How I Micro-taught Fractions at an Interview.

My name is Taofik, I am a computer science diplomate from Lagos State

polytechnic. After National Diploma, I signed up for a teaching job in my

neighborhood and I was assigned to teach in Basic four. I was worried, scared

and challenged at the same time because I have never taught anybody jack. Fast

forward nine months, I had been groomed, trained and shaped into a better

educationist than most of my superiors.    Last month, I attended an interview at a

start-up school at Shangisha, a suburb of Lagos. I left home early, dressed as

preppy as I can, put on my only pair of shoes and set out. I got to the venue of the interview at the stipulated time and was shocked to meet other people that came earlier than me. Well, to cut the long story short, the interview process got started. I was booed and jeered by the panel while I was being interviewed and I was so embarrassed. During the micro teaching session, I was asked to plan a lesson on fractions for Primary 3, which I did and presented thus
I defined a whole using objects such as fruits and cakes
I defined a fraction as bits or parts of objects
I represented the fractions with squares
I taught addition and subtraction of fractions using the L.C.M method
and above all I got the Job!